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Washington is Determined to Sucker Punch China into Submission

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No matter what Western media source you would choose to read, you are compelled to come across the rhetorics about the persistent “Chinese aggression,” the notion that has already become the dominant narrative in the US. In fact, American Sinophobes claim that China doesn’t simply pose a military threat to the US, they argue that it represents an existential threat to the American way of life.

However, one is compelled to recognize that ever since WWII Beijing has been adhering to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, while Washington’s track record is riddled with instances of meddling in other nations’ internal affairs.

Is it of any wonder then that the most commonly discussed topic in the MSM these days is an all-out opposition that Washington is planning to mount against China. Against this background, it’s only logical that Stratfor would argue that the global competition between the US and China will become the defining feature of modern geopolitics, since those developing countries are about to find themselves hard-pressed between the two. Therefore, trade wars, cyberattacks and military races are not just here to stay, they are a form of today’s geopolitical reality, which transforms the international arena into a rather uncomfortable place to be in.

That is precisely why American intelligence agencies would look fairly concerned by the rapid pace that China managed to maintain in developing its defence capabilities, as it’s clear that in the foreseeable future Beijing will be capable to deploy........

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