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Is Trump Capable of Launching an All-Out Cyberwar?

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At the turn of the 21st century, a great many politicians, scientists, and military brass embraced the idea that humanity was approaching a new era, a world built upon the foundation of the US military superiority. Yet, this new world order would eagerly neglect the national sovereignty principle that has been the cornerstone of international politics ever since the 17th century. America would build increasingly more sophisticated means of warfare to immediately test them across various regions of the world. Moreover, by introducing new technologies and securing its dominance in the information space Washington received the impression that its world order has become unbeatable.

And it’s hardly a secret that this world order is not being supported by regular weapons alone anymore, as the rapid development of the Internet led to the emergence of a new type of warfare – cyber warfare. We’ve seen it all – mysterious hackers, special cyber units, security breaches, DDoS attacks, and the use of social networks for the staging of “color revolutions” across the Middle East and those states that refuse to obey Washington’s dictate. Further still, to undermine critical infrastructure objects in the so-called “revisionist states” Washington would launch cyber-attacks against those.

Thus, the World Wide Web has become a frontier in a hardening confrontation between the global superpowers. The Internet, GPS systems and quantum physics have been conscripted by governments and are being readied for battle in the next major war.

As a matter of fact, an operation launched by the US Cyber Command disrupted Russia’s access to the US segment of the Internet on the day of 2018 midterms. The attack was launched on the pretext that Russia would try to interfere in the US elections, yet no........

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