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How Come Africa is Going to Get as “Democratic” as it Could Possibly Be

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At the present juncture, basically nobody would be surprised to hear that military conflicts and political crises revolve around strategic resources and transport corridors. Washington doesn’t make a big secret out of the fact that its foreign policy is driven by its craving for hydrocarbons together with a number of other resources. So if at any given moment bombs or cruise missiles start raining from the sky, you can be confident that the self-proclaimed “champions of democracy” have come to steal something valuable from your country.

As the technological progress keeps rushing forward at breakneck pace, the world economy discovers that it is in dire need of resources that previously weren’t considered to be of strategic importance. Thus, rare earth minerals have become a top priority for such companies as Tesla, Apple, Google, Toyota, BMW, General Motors, Nissan, Ford and the list goes on. However, Washington didn’t anticipate this shift that is why it’s going to make an attempt of establishing control over the largest discovered deposits of this resource, so you can be confident that tanks are going to get rolling pretty soon.

According to economic analysts, world prices for rare earth minerals have been skyrocketing for over a decade now, as they are at least 20 times more expensive these days than they were back in 2008.

It’s curious that China is the leading producers of rare earth minerals and that it holds a sort of a monopoly on their production. As for the US, it depends on overseas suppliers of this resource, with China being in control of the majority of shipments of processed rare earth minerals to the........

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