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Does the Covert Militarization of Japan Serve its National Interests Well

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According to Japan’s ministry of defense, Tokyo has recently adopted a set of guidelines aimed at strengthening its national defense potential over the course of next decade. It is estimated that over the period of the next five years, Japan will have to spend on its armed forces some 238 billion dollars to successfully implement this plan.

It goes without saying that Washington played no small part in influencing this decision, as the Japanese national budget is going to take a major hit by trying to stomach an abrupt increase in military spendings. There’s little rationale behind Tokyo making such a step on its own, as it is highly provocative, which means that it’s going to have a negative impact on Japan’s relations with its immediate neighbors. After all, there was no real threats that Japan had to face in the immediate future. Moreover, lately the geopolitical landscape of East Asia has been undergoing a number of positive changes due to the peace initiatives that are being advanced by Russia, and both Koreas that have significantly reduced the level of bilateral tensions recently. Additionally, one shouldn’t forget that that the backbone of Tokyo’s defense potential are the American troops deployed across Japan, since there’s no way it could withstand a shooting war with Russia or China on its own. Further more, even ten years down the road, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars, the Japanese armed forces will still be no match to the military potential of North Korea, let alone other states. However, the sitting US president has been busy peddling new contracts for the US military........

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