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Are Algerian Protests a Color Revolution?

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The ongoing protests against the sitting president Abdelaziz Bouteflika that remained at the helm of Algerian politics for two decades and was going to run for the office for the fifth time have led to an abrupt deterioration in the political situation in this country. As a matter of fact, the Bouteflika government has been trying to address widespread public unrest since late February but to no avail. Analysts believe that the protest movement that is led by Algeria’s youth, as well over 70% of this country’s population hasn’t reached the age of 30 years, may plunge this North African republic into civil war. It’s been pointed out that the overall youth of the popular uprisings explains the absence of any leading figures within the protest movement. In fact, this whole movement appeared spontaneously in response to the total neglect of the public opinion manifested by the government on numerous occasions in the absence of any real opposition force in the country.

As it’s been reported by APS , in the course of just a couple days of protests in early March, resulted in widespread acts of vandalism and attacks on law enforcement officers, some 200 people received injuries while another couple dozens were detained. It turned out that the better part of those detained were under the influence of psychotropic substances and were running the risk of turning violent. Several thousand members of the Algerian diaspora in France and other European countries have made the decision to support the demonstrations against Bouteflika and his policies.

However, even though observers on the ground fail to pinpoint a single center of the protest movement, it would be too much of a stretch to claim a series of riots that has swept through Algeria was solely caused solely by the internal hardships of this country. There is a list of similarities in the way public unrest was........

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