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After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill

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The highly controversial figure of George Soros, the man who created a great many of various hedge funds including Soros Fund Management to become one of the richest men on the planet. If Forbes is to be believed, his personal fortune exceeds the mind-boggling sum of 25 billion dollars, however, those dubious strategies that Soros would use to accumulate such an excessive amount of wealth are largely the reason why his name evokes an emotional outcry whenever it is mentioned publicly. It seems that at this point there’s more countries where people are not willing to put up with a myriad of his NGOs than those where his reputation doesn’t precede him . In fact, those ultra-liberal values promoted by his minions are nothing than a pretext for new color revolutions to be staged that are designed to provide this so-called philanthropist with ultra-profits.

Not so long ago, Ankara that has been under assault by anti-government forces since 2016, decided to eradicate all the entities associated in one way or another with George Soros. It was these non-governmental organizations that were behind the recent coup d’etat attempt that the Erdogan government survived barely. Similar legislation initiatives aimed at tightening governmental control over all sorts of NGOs and their activities has already been adopted in a great many of European countries such as Hungary, Slovakia and many others.

In his activities, upon making a decision to target a particular country, George Soros would typically look for religious, ethnic, or social contradictions within it to exploit them in a bid to foment unrest through skewing public perception of the problems that exist in most any society. Subsequently, the sitting government of the country he singled out would be accused of various misdeeds only to be taken down and replaced by a puppet government loyal to Washington. As a form of reward for investing his own money in “operations” and various NGOs that execute them,........

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