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US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era

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The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a recent rapid trip to London and Copenhagen followed by the making of a speech in California, all in the same week. His speech in California was billed as “a major policy speech.” To have observed his actions and utterances in this rapid cross-world travel was to hear what could only be described as a throwback to the worst Cold War rhetoric of the 1950s.

His rhetoric about “communism” and “government tyranny” might even in one sense be regarded as funny, so divorced was it from 21st century realities. Presumably the rhetoric resonated with his American audience and one heard no words of demurral from his boss Donald Trump, himself much given to rhetorical flights of fancy, or what as less kind observers may label it, unhinged rhetoric and downright lying.

In his address to the Richard Nixon library in California, Pompeo argued that “securing our freedoms from the Chinese Communist party is the mission of our time.” One might have thought that the United States had higher priorities to occupy its government, such as solving the problem of 40 million persons unemployed; or the deep rooted racial prejudice that manifests itself in all manner of forms, including the world’s highest incarceration rates of its black population; or deep seated inequalities in everything from healthcare to life expectancy, job opportunities and cities wracked with crime and violence.

What is always revealing is to compare the rhetoric of US political leaders with the reality of their actual behaviour. Although billing itself as the leader of the free world, that alleged leadership more often manifests itself as unbridled bullying of nations it regards as lesser entities.

The visit to Copenhagen for example, received a surprisingly small amount of mainstream media coverage. Denmark is a NATO........

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