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The Winds of Change are Blowing on the Wests Wars. Time to Recognise Reality.

17 7 24

The casual reader of the Australian mainstream media would be hard pressed to know that at the current time Australian troops are engaged in three different wars: Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

They would be even harder pressed to discover any discussion of the validity of these three engagements. The fact that at least two of the three wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) were based on manifest lies would also be a concept that the mainstream media (newspapers, radio and television) did not trouble their readers viewers or listeners with. There are a number of possible reasons for this virtual blackout, of varying degrees of credibility. The least credible is that the viewers/ readers/ or listeners do not care that Australian military personnel are engaged in three wars. There is certainly no evidence to support such a presumption.

The second reason is that the respective editors believe that the wars are something they (mis)informed their readers/listeners about when they began years before, and that nothing has happened of significance in the subsequent years to warrant an uptick in their courage. Again, one would struggle to find objective evidence to support such an assumption.

A third reason, and one probably closer to the truth, is that Australian troops fighting in the United States’ wars are the price Australia pays for the dubious benefits of United States “protection.” Insofar as the reason is ever proffered by the media, they cite the ANZUS treaty.

Judging by their comments, this argument is advanced by those who have never actually read the ANZUS treaty, or if they have preferred to conceal from the readers/ listeners that it is in fact no more than a promise to consult in the event that one or other of its members is attacked.

The ANZUS treaty has so little practical effect that New Zealand’s withdrawal from it when the Lange government refused to allow nuclear armed ships within its........

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