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The Covid-19 Crisis as an Insight into a Wider Agenda

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The current influenza outbreak has killed less than half 1 million people worldwide, and at least in the more developed countries the rate of infection has slowed or even reduced. It is far too early to claim that the pandemic has been defeated, and the potential for significant increases in the number of deaths in Africa and South America still exists, particularly as their health services are not as advanced as that enjoyed by North America, Europe, Australasia and most of Asia.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the present pandemic has been an unprecedented closing down of developed economies, as well as unprecedented restrictions on national and international travel. Arguably, there has been a massive over-reaction to the actual scale of the problem. Just by way of comparison for example, the so-called Spanish flu of 1919 (which ironically had its origins in the United States) killed between 50 and 100 million people (Spinney “Pale Rider” 2017). The current pandemic is highly improbable to reach remotely comparable levels, either absolutely or as a percentage of the total population.

What is perhaps different about this pandemic is that it has been used as a weapon to mount the most extraordinary vilification of China by, among others, the President of the United States. Trump’s extraordinary verbal attacks upon China have been faithfully repeated by some other countries whose allegiance to the United States outweighs logic, common sense, and most importantly, the actual evidence.

The western mainstream media has been guilty of endless repetition of these mindless claims, despite authoritative voices pointing out that such allegations lack an evidential foundation.

For example, the respected journal Nature on 17 March 2020 reported on the results of investigations by a team of United States, British and Australian researchers. They argued that on the basis of their investigations into the source of COVID-19, they could “not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is possible.” They went on to say that “our analysis clearly shows that SARS-Cov-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully........

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