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Russia and China Provide an Opportunity for a Different Future

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The victorious allied countries from World War 2 recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of fighting in Europe when Germany surrendered. The Asian phase of the war was to continue for a further three months until the United States nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (using two different types of nuclear bombs for real life practice purposes, the Japanese having offered to surrender months before) forced Japan’s unconditional surrender.

The commemoration of the end of the European phase of the war was notable for one outstanding feature. In his speech marking the occasion on 9 May 2020, US President Donald Trump referred to the “great US and British victory” over Germany.

He studiously ignored Russia in his marking of the occasion. While it is tempting to attribute Trump’s speech to his notorious lack of knowledge of, and interest in, history beyond the US’s borders and involvement, the more likely reason is that it was a studious insult to Russia.

Part of the tragedy of modern America is that the majority of its people according to local polls, saw nothing wrong with Trump’s speech. All United States adults have been brought up on a steady diet of Hollywood’s version of history. In that version the bulk of the fighting was carried out by US the military. Other countries rarely rate a mention, and then only in support roles. On this 75th anniversary it is worth recalling some salient facts.

Approximately 80 percent of the European phase of the war was fought between Russia and Germany. The Russian losses at the battle of Stalingrad (as it then was) occurred over a roughly eight months period. Russian losses in this battle were greater than the US and UK combined........

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