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Nord Stream 2: Is European Self-Interest Finally Surpassing US Influence

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The United States has always regarded itself as the “exceptional “nation. That view may in many circumstances be relatively benign. It becomes less so when it is used as a justification for treating other countries as being less significant in the overall order of things. It is even less justifiable when that exceptionalism is taken as a justification for imposing one’s will and wishes upon the rest of the world. That is a tendency that has been a characteristic of United States foreign policy, certainly since the end of World War Two.

The United States has long assumed for itself the right to pronounce on the acceptability or otherwise of nations in its own geographical area under the so-called Munroe doctrine. This was a self-appointed role, certainly within the western hemisphere. It is a doctrine that still asserts itself as the recent interference in the domestic affairs of Venezuela and Nicaragua amply demonstrate.

Going back further in time, the United States has waged economic and political war on Cuba since the 1959 overthrow by socialist revolutionaries of the corrupt Batista regime. United States arrogance and exceptionalism is encapsulated in the United States’ retention of the Guantanamo Bay military base on Cuban soil despite the manifest wishes of successive Cuban governments that the United States should pack its bags and leave.

The total disregard for the wishes of the sovereign Cuban government is exemplified by the continued use not only of Guantanamo as a US military base, but the use of that base as a centre for the indefinite detention of persons deemed by the United States to be a threat to its national integrity.

Few points better illustrate the hypocrisy of the United States’ claim to be a democracy based on the rule of law than the indefinite detention, without trial, of persons defined by the United States government to be a threat. Most, if not all of those persons are accused of involvement in the attacks of 11th of September 2001 on buildings in New York City and Washington DC, or at the very........

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