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Navalny Sacrificed as Part of a Wider Geopolitical Battle

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Few stories in recent years more clearly illustrate the sorry decline in western media standards than the coverage currently being given to the illness of Russian dissident politician Alexei Navalny.

Mr Navalny is at most a minor irritant to the ruling Russian politicians. At the last election he polled less than 2% of the popular vote. In most western countries such a poll rating would barely receive a mention, being classified along with the usual vast array of single-issue fanatics, religious cranks, and those enjoying a brief moment in the spotlight. Certainly, a party that barely registers on the electoral landscape would not receive the extensive coverage given to Mr Navalny.

Publicising his many adventures and misadventures clearly therefore serves a wider political purpose, in this case giving rise to the propaganda theme that Vladimir Putin faces serious opposition. A related theme is that if the said Western favourite does not actually ever win even a significant share of the vote, let alone actual political power, it must be because of some political skulduggery.

Over his career, Mr Navalny has been physically attacked on more than one occasion, and similarly imprisoned on more than one occasion for his constant breaches of the electoral laws, or laws governing the making of political protests. His arrest of course does nothing to diminish his cry of being persecuted, or a threat to the establishment and similar claims that are marked by a complete absence of realism.

None of which serves to lower him in the eyes of the western mainstream media. The latest incident involving Mr Navalny, who was taken ill on a flight to Moscow has given rise to a flurry of anti-Russian propaganda in the........

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