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Confronting Changing Geopolitical Realities

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In the Australian media they have in recent weeks being waging an information war against China. One recent illustration of this was the publicity given to a Chinese defector. He was presented in the media as a former senior official in China’s spy agency who had carried out a number of activities in East Asia on behalf of China.

That he was only 26 years old at the time of his giving this information to the Australian authorities from whom he was seeking asylum, and that his activities supposedly occurred years earlier when he was barely 22 years old should have raised alarm bells in the Australian media.

So excited were the media with his supposed revelations of Chinese security misdeeds that their ordinary powers of scepticism were completely suspended. It did not apparently occur to the media to ask some simple questions. For example, how was it possible or likely that such senior responsibilities would be vested in a very young man with no obvious relevant history or talents.

The Chinese government denounced him as a fraud and someone unknown to the security services. The most startling revelation however was that this young man far from being a Chinese James Bond was in fact a common thief. At the time of some of his alleged feats of espionage on behalf of China he was in fact languishing in prison serving a sentence for crimes of dishonesty.

There the story would have ended, except that it may more properly be seen as part of a sustained anti China campaign being carried out by the Australian media and selected politicians. Two of the latter, prominent right wing members of the ruling party, were recently refused entry visas to China........

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