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Australian Defence Policy Locked in Counter-Productive Mythology

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One of the great geopolitical fallacies common throughout much of the western world is the belief that circumstances as they are now are as they have always been and how they will continue to remain. Any student of history (and they are a dwindling band because of modern curriculum emphasis on relevance knows that the one certainty in geopolitical life is continuing uncertainty and inevitable change.

The past 300 years have seen the relative supremacy, in different parts of the world, of the Portuguese, Spanish, French and British empires. None survive to the present day, although the residue of that influence may still be seen, in much diminished form, in different parts of the world.

The post World War Two period, from roughly 1945 to 2000, saw the emergence of a new type of geopolitical dominance, exemplified by the United States. Whereas the old European colonisers sought to establish their likeness in foreign lands, usually at the expense of the indigenous inhabitants, the modern American Empire was more content to impose its will upon disparage nations, frequently fighting devastating wars in pursuit of geopolitical dominance.

Control and ensuring compliance rather than colonisation was the dominant motivation. Between 1945 and the present day, the United States has fought multiple wars and overthrown more than 70 governments. Not all those efforts of regime change were successful, such as the conflict in Vietnam which lasted for more than 20 years from the defeat of the French in 1954 to the final ignominious United States retreat in 1975.

In the process of that long war more than 3 million Vietnamese died, the consequences of the use of chemical agents still disfigure the newborn, and there was enormous ecological damage. No compensation has ever been paid, a universal consequence of United States military invasions.

Where United States imperialism is defeated, their lackeys expelled from governance and new regimes........

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