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Poor Hunter Biden, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Father!

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What goes around comes around, which may explain the perils of Hunter, like the Perils of Pauline – as in spite of massive censorship, Hunter Biden is catching it all ways. So much so that I am beginning to “really” feel sorry for him.

The laptop story, or lap dancing, or the self-portraits “high and in the nude” are just too humdrum now, not even worth remembering. Even those who were staunch deniers are now starting to believe there’s an actual conspiracy, or a “cluster-fuck” of conspiracies associated with Hunter, which go beyond a shady energy consultation in Ukraine.

The titles of some of the most recent articles about the plight of poor Hunter could not say it better – titles such as “Russia ramps up their wild propaganda campaign by claiming Hunter Biden is ‘secretly funding bioweapons labs in Ukraine’ and bankrolling ‘anthrax’ production.

In the present climate, anything Russia says about Ukraine is considered wild, so Hunter might be glad to be associated with these stories to escape real scrutiny. But it is coming to him nevertheless, and the presidential family roasting industry shows no sign of being slowed down by the pandemic.

Not a Bunch of Malarkey

Obviously Ukraine has really opened Pandora’s Box, and in more ways than one. It is revealing some inconvenient truths which can only be addressed by labelling them as some wild Russian propaganda.

Russia asserts that that Hunter Biden is funding biolabs in Ukraine, and that he and Democratic billionaire and supporter of Colour Revolutions George Soros are bankrolling the production of anthrax. They are in good company – the same finger is being pointed at the Center for Disease Control and the US Agency for International Development, with the George Soros Foundation being directly involved in the implementation of this programme.

What is known in being revealed piecemeal, and this is being done deliberately, as confirmed by Russian spokesperson Dimitri Peskov who touched up about the biolabs publishing strategy:

“… The truth about this is now being made public in a “measured” way until Washington realises that Russia knows almost everything about these bioweapons that endanger the whole world”.

This stuff is so over the top that it is most likely true, as no one with any competence would have the audacity to make it up. The allegations are more than subterfuge, not a smoking gun but a bellowing smokestack.

Denials on the........

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