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Georgian Rustavi2 TV Journalist Suffers NED-Inspired Diarrhea of the Mouth

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They will never cease to amaze me, the new depths, even as reported by the BBC … the so-called Georgian media can reach when spurring out carefully scripted hate speech for political ends. Take the case of the Rustavi2 TV station, on a programme aired nationally in Georgia, PS, PostScript, on Sunday July 7th.

This highly rated TV station was once hailed as the voice of freedom, moderation and high journalistic standards, at least according to American media sites and the US State Department, but times do change, and so do not-so-hidden-agendas.

This time the target was Vladimir Putin and his pedigree, and the attack included all kinds of descriptive expletives for his mother and parents graves. They were so bad even a seedy Georgian taxi driver would blush.

There was a counter protest against this behaviour, as likely anticipated by the channel and the scriptwriters of this latest media provocation. But this only convinced Georgians that the Russians were trying to take over the streets, as the allegedly pro-EU United National Movement and its pseudo splinter parties have been doing for the past two weeks.

Little Mind Trying to Express Itself

Georgi Gabunia, who is claimed to be a journalist, is apparently the mouthpiece here, commenting on this and other events: the anti-government protests (really a failed coup) and the repeated efforts to hold Gay Pride rallies, which are all coming together as a perfect storm. What few are taking notice of is that these actions are not homegrown, and are carefully designed to divert public attention from larger and more pressing issues—like the economy and debt (banking) crisis in Georgia, notwithstanding many social problems.

As was to be expected, Russia took exception to the expletive-laden personal attack on Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. Russian MPs have already threatened to further cut trade amid a deepening diplomatic row between the two neighbouring countries.

Relations having soured last month after a visit by a Russian Orthodox MP to Georgia’s parliament set off angry protests, and this TV stunt would not have been an accident in these circumstances. Many, including myself, considered the........

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