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Washington and Ankara are Parting Ways with One Another

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These days one can come across all sorts of articles that try to predict the direction that the US-Turkish relationship is going to take, as we’re witnessing a major shift on the geopolitical stage and both of these states play no small part in it. As it’s been noted by American analysts, unlike in previous eras, Washington and Ankara no longer share overarching threats or interests that bind them together, while their bilateral ties are riddled distrust.

Although the relations between Turkey and the United States have always been strained, they would still be sustained under the pretext of a threat that the USSR allegedly represented to both of these states. Therefore, disputes and all sorts of differences would typically be ignored. However, ever since the 1950s each successive US president has devoted his time to publicly recognize that Turkey plays a pivotal role In Washington’s designs. Then in the 1990s, US officials and analysts would claim that Turkey was poised to lead the economic and democratic development of the Central Asian states, while affecting Russia in a way favorable to the US. Moreover, back then the rapidly developing ties between Turkey and Israel resulted in Washington getting the idea that Washington, Tel-Aviv and Ankara would be natural partners in ensuring Western dominance across the Middle-East.

Throughout the Cold War, the nature of Turkish-American security cooperation played an important role in containing the USSR, this fact resulted in mutually irritating incidents being ignored by both sides. However, today, almost three decades after the end of the Cold War, Turkey and the United States would often find themselves on opposite sides of the political spectrum on most major international issues.

Over that period of time the world has undergone drastic changes, and one one would be a fool to ignore that fact. Even though some of the difficulties Washington faces in managing the bilateral relations with Turkey can be attributed to figure of the sitting Turkish president........

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