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Can Armenia Survive the Western Clock and Dagger Infiltration?

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Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, The United States considered itself the sole global hegemon that is entitled to decide the fate of other international players. Acting on that premise, for the last decade or so the US would be toppling sovereign governments left and right across numerous regions of the world, targeting every government that would go as far as to publicly disagree with Washington. It goes without saying that this was done in total disregard to the existing international norms and national interests of other international players.

However, in recent years, Russia under the leadership of its well-respected president – Vladimir Putin, has had those dangerous American delusions trampled on more than one occasion, forcing Washington to adjust its plans according with the interference it has encountered. Is no wonder than in an attempt to eliminate their main geopolitical opponent, which prevents them from plundering the rest of the world with impunity, Western oligarchies launched a campaign of hysteria and disinformation against Russia. This campaign resulted in NATO’s attempt to bring its forces as close to the Russian borders as possible, undermine the countries in Russia’s periphery in spite of the fact that those remain tied to Moscow with ties that may date back centuries.

Today, no one has any delusions about Ukraine being that the principle front of anti-Russian struggle, even though it was previously considered Russia’s impenetrable stronghold. Yet, the Transcaucasus where the US has recently upped its activities in accordance with the vision of the legendary British geographer and politician Halford Mackinder that stated that “he who controls the heartland (Eurasia), controls the whole world.” Unsurprisingly, Washington would try to establish direct control over the states in this region, which will allow it dominate their economies and their transport networks.

Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that Washington has invested considerable efforts and recourses into drawing yet another principle ally of Moscow – Armenia away from its tried and tested ally.

Armenia, in spite of its fairly good standing with the United States, remains determined to safeguard its close military, economic and political ties with Russia. Armenia hots a Russian military base, as the two countries are linked........

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