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Vice, Laying Bare America’s Most Disgusting Politician, Dick Cheney

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Today’s film is “Vice,” a film that rips apart Dick Cheney. We might ask why something like this is important, are we apologizing for America’s rampage around the world killing millions, using psychopath Cheney as an excuse? Are we warning the world that if there could be a “real Dick Cheney” so much worse than the one the liberal press pushed down our throats, what else is being hidden?

Sources on the underground power structure of Washington still place Chaney as probable “Command in Chief” of the Deep State shadow government. Pentagon experts like VT’s Colonel Jim Hanke have long warned that Cheney’s hijacking of JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) had allowed the neocons to run military operations “off the books” well into Obama’s presidency and perhaps even into Trump’s.

The real mistake in evaluating Cheney was in taking the attacks on him by the liberal press seriously. Whether laziness, incompetence or being bought off, the “real” Dick Cheney, a half-wit dullard that oozes malevolence, the one from the film, is totally unrelated from the angry “sharp witted” Cheney depicted for his enemies, which is pretty much everyone alive.

Cheney may well have been or well may still be the most powerful leader in America’s history, a history that is rocked with failure upon failure, an end to American power, an end to American honor, such as it is or was, an America whose cohesion at home and reputation around the world may well be irreparable.

According to his Wikipedia, former Vice President Dick Cheney “attended Yale.” According to the biographical film, “Vice,” Cheney went to Yale for one term, was thrown out for failing grades and alcoholism. His “academic deferments” that kept him out of Vietnam were really “hardship deferments,” as Cheney, then the “town drunk” of a Montana backwater, was unable to support his young family.

Washington has always been filled with fakes of one kind or another, and the film, Vice, perhaps the most controversial and most popular expose’ of the real Washington thus far, lays bare exactly the kind of thing we have all imagined, that Trump’s claims of Washington being a “swamp,” were understatements.

Considering Trump comes from New York, a city famous for bad manners, filth and street crime, his reaction to Washington is telling.

Washington has never been much, built on a swamp, big buildings to impress, filled with small men mostly, when someone else shows up, they are quickly gunned down. In 1939, Hollywood director Frank Capra directed Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a film lauded for demonstrating the “evil of political indifference” as reviewer David Parkinson of Empire is quoted.

Today we have another, a film far greater, no fiction needed here. The name is short, four letters, V-I-C-E, the story of Vice President Dick Cheney, produced by Adam McKay, a comedy writer for Saturday Night Live, and starring Christian Bale.

Let’s reword that, “Starring Christian Bale as former town drunk Dick Cheney, a draft dodger and bum who latched onto narcissist and psychotic, Donald Rumsfeld during the darkest years of the Nixon regime and this pair of useless “behind kissers” wormed their way into the corridors of power.

Cheney and Rumsfeld had little in common other than being on the spectrum of psychopathy, something not uncommon in Washington, not hardly. Cheney was functionally illiterate, tossed out of Yale, the town drunk and “jailbird” of a Montana backwater while Rumsfeld had been a peacetime Navy pilot and polished manipulator.

Where the chemistry goes so awry is when Cheney, and the year is 2000, meets another loser, draft dodger and former town drunk, also often in jail, named George W. Bush. As the film depicts,........

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