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Trump’s Secret War Plan for the South China Sea

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Talk of war with war between the US and China is the only real news, but is it? With the planet paralyzed from COVID 19, military operations are largely curtailed. COVID 19 has secretly swept through America’s military, particularly the US Navy, crippling its capability.

Trump is planning a war with China to save his regime from disgrace and himself from prison but the Pentagon may well not be onboard. The generals refused Trump’s demand for troops against Wall of Moms and Wall of Veterans.

This is the same American military that was humiliated by Iran in June 2020, one that is hiding COVID 19 outbreaks that have gutted America’s offensive capability and, of course, that of any potential allies as well.

There is a school of thought, based on rationality, that America has no enemies, certainly not Russia and China, whose economies are intermingled with that of the United States to an extent that Trump policy of trade wars and sanctions reeks of irrationality.

Trump’s policies have crushed one nation only, the United States.

Politically there is only one way to save Trump and that is war. Most believe that Trump will start a war with Iran brought about by manipulation by Israel and her politically beleaguered leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran, however, has proven quite daunting and has demonstrated with clarity its resolve and capability. Iran can punish the United States, sink its ships, cripple Trump’s personal allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and is immune from any land or naval operations by the US.

If a phony war is coming, it will be China and now evidence is piling up that the United States is now fabricating intelligence that will inevitably send the world to war.

There is little question that the United States is in political disarray. The global power center, often named and never correctly so, let us call it the “Deep State,” that runs America’s corrupt political system wants Donald Trump to remain as president for another 4 years.

Little of the America Trump assumed near dictatorial power of almost 4 years ago remains. A full third of America’s economy is dead, with GNP officially down 32% and a similar increase in debt with no ability to service that debt.

Unemployment goes up on average 1.3 million per week while daily deaths from COVID 19 are up, on average 40% from June, when opening up began to seem possible.

Over the past few weeks, intelligence agencies around the world have tracked, using keyword searches, a flood of garbled text. This is how it starts; it is called “chatter”, but this is something very differing, totally fake, “fake chatter” and it means war is coming.

The “big data” companies, offshoots of Google, that rig elections in the US and around the world, founded with CIA cash, are “on the prowl.”

The fake traffic is intended to create a “legend,” a false record of phony intercepts used to justify an increase in America’s DEFCON (Defense Condition) levels. This in turn requires responses, maritime challenges through “freedom of navigation” exercises and provocative surveillance flights.

This, in turn, creates a “cascade effect,” with a........

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