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Treaty Busters, Why Russia’s Doomsday Weapons May Save Us All

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A generation of secret weapons exist, some deployed, some in varying stages of development. Remember the 1964 film, Fail Safe? From the book, co-authored by Eugene Burdick (The Ugly American), Fail Safe described the real SAC or Strategic Air Command and its policy of maintaining a fleet of nuclear armed B 52 aircraft on the borders of the Soviet Union, 24/7/365.

After all, what could possibly go wrong, an issue addressed not only in Fail Safe but in Kubrick’s infamous Dr. Strangelove.

Thank goodness those days are gone, but are they?

We will touch on a couple of projects that duplicate the Fail Safe scenario.

Did you know the US developed a version of the Boeing 747 airliner than has been built to resemble a commercial airliner but secretly carries 50 or more nuclear tipped cruise missiles in rotary launchers?

Of course, we are making this up, the project was scrapped, publicly but such projects are never scrapped, they only “go dark.”

Another teaser, the infamous Global Hawk, the giant airliner sized drone, a version of which Iran shot down over their territory on June 20, 2019.

At one point, the US was going to build a Global Hawk that carried nuclear cruise missiles, but that program was cancelled also in favor of arming the Reaper drone with similar weapons.

A Global Hawk with sensors packages removed might well carry as many as four nuclear cruise missiles or newly developed hypersonic weapons, which may well already be deployed, we have no way of knowing.

Assuming these giant “surveillance drones” aren’t armed is the height of folly. Assuming cancelled projects are really “cancelled” is insanity.

On February 20, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a number of new weapons including a torpedo capable of carrying a 50 plus megaton thermonuclear weapon and waiting years on the bottom of the ocean for activation.

Similarly, a nuclear-powered cruise missile that can circumnavigate the planet, avoiding all defenses, hitting any target was added to the list which included hypersonic weapons and ballistic missiles that could avoid any interceptor.

The public reason reported in the West falsely stated that Putin was retaliating against US deployment of anti-missile systems on Russia’s border.

The secondary lie, one fed the public instead of a far more sinister truth was that the US had prepared ground launched cruise missiles for deployment with the land-based AEGIS-Patriot systems intended for Poland, Latvia, Romania along with Georgia and other states as well, after scheduled “regime change” operations made such deployments possible.

Let us begin with new assumptions, reality based, then move forward into dangerous areas that show the real nature of the threat Putin was responding to.

We all know the US maintains research facilities funded at unimaginable levels. IAEA sources, from the UN organization that tracks nuclear weapons developments, tell us that nukes the size of golf balls have been around for years.

During the 1950s, the US developed nuclear artillery and the Davey Crockett, a nuclear weapon launched from, essentially, as an RPG.

The technical issues........

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