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The US Withdrawal from Iraq, What Will it Mean for Syria?

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As of Monday morning, July 26, 2021, an announcement that should never have been needed has now been predicted, first by the Associated Press.

There are few alive today, few rational individuals, who are so intellectually isolated that they are unaware that the US role in Iraq was based on fake intelligence fabricated by criminal elements inside the US and certain allies, Britain and Israel, if we are going to name names.

American President Joe Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi are going to announce, if AP is correct, the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq by the end of 2021.

Only short days ago, military leaders of militias in Iraq politically aligned with Iran accused the US of using helicopters to move ISIS (banned in Russia) commanders, relocating them to “places unknown.”

Conspiracy theorists would say they are being deployed elsewhere, Africa, the Caspian Basin or even Latin America and, given the long history of the wars after 9/11, such wild theories are not beyond the pale of reason that seems no longer to exist.

The real issue will be not so much of getting the US out of Iraq, where the American role has increasingly become one of interference with both Iraq’s sovereignty and political stability but how this will impact Syria. But first, scholars from the Quincy Institute in Washington give their take on the move, from Veterans Today:

Steven Simon, senior research analyst at the Quincy Institute:

“Withdrawal of US combat forces signals the welcome end of an era of American intervention in the Middle East that began in the Reagan administration and peaked under G.W. Bush.

Until Reagan, the US protected its interests largely without recourse to intervention. The flow of oil was unimpeded, and Israel’s existence was secured. The US is now returning to this earlier pattern, which served its interests well from the early 1800s to 1982, when the US embarked on a disastrous foray into........

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