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The Strange Case of an America in Flames

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For a decade or more, the world has seen riots that weren’t riots at all, Maiden Square, Hong Kong, Tripoli, Cairo and they have seen terror attacks, Paris, Boston and others. All have been staged.

Now the US is in flames.

Is there something in common here? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ukraine was overthrown by a CIA plot or that the Arab Spring, the series of fake revolutions, albeit failed, in Syria were staged as well, every single one.

Now those who have turned the world inside out are ready to turn inward, albeit “again,” and take the US one step toward the Orwellian nightmare political analysists predicted after the 2016 election.

The tools were honed in the post-9/11 world, fueled by fake wars, fake terrorism, trillions in stolen wealth and a security bureaucracy that now employs two million Americans, almost as many as America imprisons.

Where is the “dark heart” of America’s Deep State?

Now it’s time for America to benefit from the years of knowledge and experience gained by the US Army Intelligence School at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where those who planned Maidan and Hong Kong were trained.

We are now seeing the same faces burning police cars and leading groups of oddly well-groomed and almost entirely white rioters in a dozen cities, the story always the same, peaceful protests by African Americans and then the counter-protesters show up, and the burning and looting begins, “on cue” as it were.

The violent rioters? They are white, but more than that, it is a repeat of what we had seen so many times, it may well have been the streets of Dallas in 1963 or Hong Kong today.

Who are “they,” the players in this street theatre?

The science of recruiting “flash mobs” using social media and directing urban warfare is a specialty for the US Army. In fact, this is how the United States prefers fighting wars nowadays, rioters, terrorists, targeted killings and black propaganda.

Now it is turned against the United States in an election year where the current president is double digits behind in the polls and blamed, rightly so, for the largest disaster in history.

Which of Trump’s polices are keeping the Army, CIA and police, among others,........

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