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Mueller’s Deep State Ploy Against Russia

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America has been at war with herself since 1787. America’s war of independence has gone on for centuries now, a war against the Deep State and the banking interests that brought about century after century of European war, fueled colonialism and engineered two world wars in the 20th century.

Russiagate, the Mueller report and the corrupt Trump presidency are simply another page in this long saga. We begin.

Decade after decade, Soviet propaganda held to one theme, that the United States used its military and economic might to rule the world on behalf of criminal elites. With the fall of the Soviet Union, a new era of world peace and prosperity was to emerge.

Instead, something else happened, war upon war, hot war, cold war, economic war, and a resurgence of colonialism and bullying.

How does this apply to “Russiagate?”

The story isn’t simple, nothing is today. Here is what we know. The Russia investigation was always fake, a cheap ploy to kill time while the Deep State consolidated power inside the US under a puppet president with a long personal history of criminality and emotional instability.

It wasn’t just Russiagate. It was also the fake Skripal poisoning, the fake Russian based gas attacks in Syria, an opportunity to re-create the Cold War and the old boogeyman that the Deep State needed to distract the public.

Evidence? Despite promises, the US has seized 40% of Syria including all oil reserves and is now entrenched as a permanent occupying power.

The US is now fabricating another “coalition of the willing” as cover for military intervention in Venezuela.

Donald Trump just vetoed a congressional resolution to stop US military action against Yemen.

Donald Trump, by executive order, and in violation of the Geneva Convention, awarded Syria’s Golan Heights to Israel and has announced his intention to further award the West Bank to Israel as well, despite dozens of UN Security Council resolutions to the contrary.

Trump has deployed American missiles and AEGIS systems along Russia’s borders, in violation of the INF treaty

On April 19, 2019, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov made the following statements, from TASS:

“’We regret the documents of this sort are causing direct influence on the development of Russian-US relations, whose condition leaves much to be desired,” Peskov said.

‘Speaking less seriously I should say that in a similar situation our Audit Chamber would’ve certainly probed into what the taxpayers’ money has been wasted on. Anyway, it’s up to the US taxpayers to ask such questions.’

He stated that as before Moscow dismissed the charges of intervention in the US presidential election, because there was no such interference at all.

‘The latest version of the Mueller report contains nothing new. All that information had been published by different sources and mass media earlier,’ Peskov stated.”

Russia had been “blindsided” by events in the US and, having made this statement, Peskov was perhaps unaware of the furor going on in the US.

When an American Attorney General issues a legal opinion, as William Barr had, it isn’t typically expected that he will lie outright yet this is exactly what Barr did.

Trump was........

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