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BC: America, the Runaway Train

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BC stands for NEO’s Banned Classic. This article was originally published by our journal on 11.06.16 For some reason, this article is missing from Google search results. Since this article remains pretty relevant to those geopolitical events that are taking place on the geopolitical stage today, we deem it possible to present it to our readers once again. Should it go missing again, you may be confident that you will see it republished by NEO once more, should it still remain relevant by that time.

Nearly half a century ago I demonstrated to stop the Vietnam War. At the time I was attending Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. On every public occasion, and they have so many in America, holidays of every kind, we would get together, meet in a small park near the state capitol building. By “we” I mean Vietnam veterans, not all of us but most, literally hundreds of us, often bearded with shaggy hair but others who “went along with the program” but to millions of Americans and maybe even hundreds of thousands of veterans, that “program” didn’t include backing America’s war against the people of Vietnam.

We marched as a group, wearing the shirts from our “utility” uniforms with ribbon bars attached. The majority, me included, wore combat decorations. We marched side by side with veterans from World War II and Korea, took our place in parades with brass bands and floats. This time is forgotten, the idea that war veterans could stand against wrongdoing, the idea that “warriors” as they now call them, have a moral duty to those who died, and, perhaps much more important, a moral duty to those we killed as well.

You see, we who served all knew the Vietnam War was evil, totally wrong and that the government of South Vietnam was utterly corrupt and hated by the Vietnamese people. After all, we were there, it was obvious, any idiot could see it. But then, where are those “idiots” now?

Since then America has invaded Panama and Grenada, if you could imagine anything as stupid, and fought several losing wars in the Middle East. It is now considered “passé” to bomb anyone, anytime for any reason, for no reason, to attack any nation and no one says anything, there are no veterans “hitting the streets,” no cities brought to a halt, no president forced into hiding the way Nixon was.

More than that, being against war, openly discussing the childish pretexts America used to get........

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