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A Deadly Spring for Syria and the World

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Trump has just asked Congress for $150bn for military operations in the Middle East at a time when the US is, supposedly, shutting down its efforts there and has very few troops stationed and nearly none at all in combat. This is more money than the US spent when it had up to 20,000 men in combat. Why?

With America officially talking peace in Syria, something quite different is going on. Reports are coming in out of Iraq and from Russian operatives inside Syria. You see, the Idlib peace process is being interfered with; al Qaeda is receiving massive funding and arms and has virtually wiped out any Turkish allied forces. America is trying to turn Idlib into its own bastion.

Idlib sits on major oil and gas discoveries, call this a curious coincidence, discovered only months before a fake civil war descended on Syria, one that targeted oil rich regions and Syria’s industrial heartland. Then there is this, confirmed by Damascus, America has restaffed their command center in Amman, Jordan, one shared with Israel and Saudi Arabia, a command center not just for “the allies” but, were one to be honest, for ISIS and al Qaeda as well.

About the MOC, from The National, a 2013 story:

A secret operations command centre in Jordan, staffed by western and Arab military officials, has given vital support to rebels fighting on Syria’s southern front, providing them with weapons and tactical advice on attacking regime targets.

Rebel fighters and opposition members say the command centre, based in an intelligence headquarters building in Amman, channels vehicles, sniper rifles, mortars, heavy machine guns, small arms and ammunition to Free Syrian Army units – although it has stopped short of giving them much coveted anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

Officials in Amman denied the command centre exists. “We dismiss these allegations. Jordan is not a host or part of any cooperation against Syria. Jordan’s interest is to see a stable and secure Syria, one that is able to keep its problems inside its borders,” said Mohammad Al Momani, minister of media affairs.

We will not do anything that will feed violence in Syria,’ he said.

But Syrian opposition figures familiar with rebel operations in Deraa, about 75 kilometres north of Amman, said Jordan hosted the command centre and had tasked senior Jordanian intelligence officials to work with western and Arab states in helping rebels to plan missions and get munitions and fighters across the border.”

Backed by credible reports from Russia, Syrian, Kurdish and Iraqi sources, we know that the US is readying a force of up to 2500 ISIS cadres, including top commanders, that Iraqi sources say are being trained at three American bases without the knowledge of the Iraqi government.

At the same time, in Southern Syria at Deraa, Syrian intelligence sources tell us that demonstrations have begun, as embedded terror cells have begun showing up publicly, carrying arms many of them kept after signing reconciliation agreements. The Damascus government sees these demonstrations........

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