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“Blackwashing Google”

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The media is filled with attacks on Google Corporation and “whistleblowers” who now tell us that Google has just begun interfering in politics because it hates Donald Trump and will do anything to prevent his reelection.

Blacklists have been published, showing hundreds of websites banned, 90% of them almost “0” traffic and unheard of, this being proof that Google is “evil.”

However, when the websites listed were reviewed, of the higher traffic extremist or smear sites, several have always been “Google sponsored” and still are to this day.

A review of the claims now being made against Google aren’t false, Google does interfere with elections, Google censors, fakes news and does have an agenda, but there is one problem. The recent veritable army of Google critics seem to have things totally backwards, almost as though they were being paid by Google itself. Are such things possible?

That answer is simple, not only are they possible, they are mandatory. This is exactly how the world of fakery and “trolldom” works, and what is defined by “controlled opposition.” Google controls its own opposition.

One issue defines all social media and its ownership and control and that is US policy toward Israel.

Google and Facebook openly support Israel and are known to do anything to sabotage candidates that take these stances:

But it goes further as well:

And then there is one more:

Here, Google Corporation has made their news policies clear, something the would be “whistleblowers” and “Project Veritas” have ignored out of bias or incompetence or some other reason.

It seems “Project Veritas” investigates only opposition to powerful corporations or individuals that support voters’ rights, environmental protections or freedom of speech.

In fact, checking their website, 100% of their investigations are against political enemies of Donald Trump, which at any given time, goes from a substantial majority of Americans to a massive majority of Americans.

A more careful check finds that, rather than supporting free speech or limiting the power of elites over the electorate, PV opposes trade unions, environmentalists, real election watchdogs and, above all, anyone who supports UN........

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