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US: Rule by Judges?

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Two striking similarities occured this past week-end: Brazil’s former and beloved President Lula da Silva, was released from prison thanks to a judicial ruling concerning felons awaiting the outcome of an appeal, while the American judicial system has been busy mediating the coming impeachment of President Trump.

As one of the three branches of government intended to ‘check and balance’ each other, the US Constitution gave the judiciary a more public role than in most countries, and high level Trump officials are taking advantage of this. Summoned to testify publicly to Congress in the impeachment hearings against the president, they are requesting that the courts determine whether they are duty-bound to do so.

This recourse makes it all the more likely that the impeachment proceedings will drag out until the 2020 election. Among the political ‘stars’ involved are Secretary of State Pompeo, still in office, and former National Security Advisor John Bolton, recently fired, as well as the White House Chief of Staff Mike Mulvaney, who doubles as Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which — upon the President’s order — withheld the money that Congress had voted to give Ukraine for its fight against Russian-speaking separatists. Mulvaney made headlines when he announced that quid pro quo’s constitute normal diplomatic behavior. Although he was recognizing a basic fact of public life, of which most Americans are probably aware, the media has joyfully excoriated him........

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