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Regarding the Kurds

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The Kurds – 30-45 million strong — are a Persian people who have inhabited various areas of the Middle East for centuries, speaking various languages that are part of the Western Iranian branch of the Indo-European family, and practicing various religions. A majority subscribe to the Shafi school of Sunni Islam, while significant minorities are either Shiites or Alevis, Zoroastrians or Christians. Currently, Kurds constitute 18-20% of the population of Turkey, 15-20% in Iraq, 10% in Iran and 9% in Syria. The areas they inhabit in each of these countries are contiguous, meaning that were it not for the relevant central governments, there could be an independent Kurdistan.

When the Ottoman Empire was defeated in World War I, the Western allies included a Kurdish state in their plans for the Middle East, but when three years later, the Treaty of Lausanne set national boundaries, it left the Kurds with minority status in four different countries. This inevitably led to a series of genocides and rebellions, with the current Turkish President, Erdogan making his Kurdish minority, concentrated along the border with Syria (and Iraq) his special enemies. Kurds managed to organize an autonomous region in an........

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