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Humanity: Coming Together, Then Breaking Apart

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A dozen years ago I acquired a fascinating book titled The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine by James Lovelock, one of the earliest scientists to warn against global warming. Lovelock likened the globe to a living body, and his graphics made real the theories I had learned by studying the limits to growth and systems analysis. Two films have dramatized the finite capabilities of the planet to sustain human life: In 1973’s Soylent Green, dictatorial regimes keep their workers alive by feeding them protein made from the bodies of the forcibly euthanized; in 2013’s Elysium, the 1% have evolved to build space colonies from scratch, a possibility that, it turned out, is actually being studied by the American government.

Today, individuals across the globe trained to believe that competition is the supreme value engage in nit-picking fights instead of cooperating to kill the bison, as the most powerful nation the world has ever seen continues to fly by the seat of its pants from conquest to tragedy. As the world is hit by a deadly virus,........

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