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War On Iran — What Can Be Done

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A few days ago I wrote a poem about the Red Army victory over the international forces of fascism in 1945, the poem called simply, The 9th of May, about the celebration date of the victory. The first stanza reads,

“Laughter lingered in the cold night air,

Like snowflakes caught in crystal glass,

Hurrahs rang out as tears were wept,

For the lost, returned, for memories kept,

Of the days we feared would never pass,

Unless we burned the monster’s lair.”

But the monster has taken on a new form, and the monster of war that is the United States, NATO and their allies, with its many Hydra heads, all aspects of western capital, is flexing its dark wings again, ready to spit flame and devastation on another people who hoped to avoid the gaze and the greed of the monster but are cursed because they possess what the monster wants and because they stand in its way.

Iran faces the threat of attack by the Americans that will be devastating no matter the outcome. The world faces the risk of world war. Yet, despite the examples of Yugoslavia, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, which demonstrate the complete ruthlessness of the American leadership, its psychopathic disdain for human life and civilization, people are falling into the trap of believing the latest contradictory statements from that leadership acting out a charade in which differences of opinion about war and peace are expressed, as if they are actually a democracy, as if they actually had morals and a love of humankind; all the better to lull the people into a state of confusion and torpor as they their make ready their nuclear weapons, run silent their submarines and prime their cruise missiles.

And what can be done about it? What is being done about it? There are protests and calls for peace........

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