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What Wahhabism Looks Like From Up Close And Personal

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How many times will we need to be reminded of the horrors of Wahhabism – that cult, which for lack of better words murdered and pillaged its way to the heights of power to better rationalise itself a school of thought under the umbrella of Sunni Islam, for our world leaders to seriously reconsider their alliances to Saudi Arabia?

In early February, away from the tumults of world media a child was beheaded in the streets of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, murdered by a religious zealot to assuage the self-proclaimed righteousness of an elite who has defined itself in bloodshed.

Zachariah Badir Al Jabir was seven years old … for Wahhabist Saudi Arabia his faith: Shia Islam, sat him outside humanity’s fold, and his death was a just act, a cleanse, an affirmation that under the skies of Al Saud all designated ‘apostates’ will suffer annihilation.

This is the nation our world leaders, our state officials and representatives have called and still call friend and ally.

How, can anyone, in the face of everything that has transpired over the decades — the unapologetic calls for genocide on the basis of faith, the en masse production of terror radical militants, and the countless heinous crimes against humanity, still contemplate an alliance with the kingdom?

Those questions are not meant to be rhetorical … they are crying out for an answer; preferably one that does not demand for the normalisation of sectarianism. Unless we are careful, we stand to soon resemble those very monsters we say to want to defeat. To tolerate the ideological abomination that is Wahhabism equates to the rationalisation of Terror on the basis of pecuniary greed, and that more or less put us on equal........

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