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The Houthis may Side with the Muslim Brotherhood against Saudi Arabia

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“Efforts have been made in recent weeks by members of Al Islah in Yemen (a political unbrella for various tribes and Islamic outfits, such as the Muslim Brotherhood) to organize an alliance of convenience with the Houthis to weaken Saudi Arabia’s influence in the Arabian Peninsula,” sources in Sana’a posited in exclusive comments.

Speaking in condition of anonymity for obvious security reasons, our source, who will refer to as Ali, is adamant, Al Islah wants to architect a rapprochement between its forces and the Ansarallah movement and thus blindside Saudi Arabia and its partners in the region.

While Al Islah has more or less leaned in favour of UN-backed President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi against those factions of the General People’s Congress still loyal to late President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis, on account of their sympathy for Iran and more broadly the Shia Islamic world, recent developments in Yemen and to a greater extent the region altogether, have pushed the Muslim Brotherhood to think outside their political box and far out their ideological comfort zone.

It needs to be said that if as a political movement the Muslim Brotherhood, and by association Al Islah in Yemen have a pretty radical and intolerant worldview, its leadership is also more than willing and capable to bow to pragmatism – even if it means partnering up with the very parties or military outfits they say to want to destroy.

For Al Islah power and the quest for control far outweigh any sense of political consistency.

“An alliance........

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