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Building a Lasting Peace in Yemen by Getting Ahead of the Generational Gap

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While Yemen remains locked in a grand political dispute, its people bound by the competing ambitions of various factions and militias as they each argue power, legitimacy, and righteous politics, it is likely that peace will require more than a coming together of those warring parties … Peace as it were, will call for an institutional rethink of the proverbial ‘generational gap’.

If we care to learn from the waves of protests currently engulfing not only the region: Sudan, Lebanon, Iraq but the world: Chile, Hong Kong and Barcelona, it is rather evident that if each country faces its own socio-political idiosyncrasies, all have a common denominator: a disenfranchised and disillusioned youth.

As our world has come to be defined by technological breakthroughs and fast-paced social changes governments were bound to face protracted challenges. As it happens those challenges have taken the shape of mass protests and a grand coming together of the youth against what it perceives as an antiquated system reflecting a by-gone era.

And though Yemen’s peace will undoubtedly be brokered when all actors – whether local or regional, will find enough common ground to formulate a political solution to their respective upsets, no resolution will be worth more its ink if Yemen’s generational gap remains unaddressed.

If statesmen can formulate a nation’s future, it is the people who will........

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