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Ford needs to stop wasting time on little fights

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Luck plays a big part in successful politics. Jean Chrétien might never have won three majorities if the Conservatives hadn’t spent a decade divided against themselves. Donald Trump probably wouldn’t be president if the Democrats hadn’t nominated an even less-likeable candidate to oppose him. Doug Ford wouldn’t be Ontario’s premier if Patrick Brown hadn’t fallen off a credibility cliff a year ago.

Ford’s run of luck has continued. Not only did he win the leadership by a hair under one of the world’s most convoluted balloting systems, but he found himself up against an astonishingly unpopular premier heading a tired and decrepit old government, with the pending election so close voters barely had time to think before marking a ballot.

It’s open to question whether Ford appreciates this, as he’s running his government like he was Justin Trudeau at the peak of his popularity. Trudeau’s recent problems have been yet another instance of Ford’s great good fortune, as the intensity of attention on Ottawa has diverted some of the focus that might otherwise have been directed at him.

With its initial budget due on April 11, this is a big moment for the province’s first Tory government in 15 years, and it’s not clear things are going great.

Some of the issues are minor. While Trudeau was defending his honour in Ottawa, Ford was in one of those silly quibbles that politicians seem incapable of avoiding. Good premiers travel a lot. Ford apparently prefers driving to flying, and inquired about acquiring a van with a bunch of conveniences deemed by the press and opposition to be open to question. Did he really need the TV with the Blu-ray player? The reclining leather couch?

So far there is no actual van, just some estimates, and a lot of the alleged details may have been exaggerated, but no matter. Do new premiers or their aides never read history? Did they not understand........

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