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A Changing Middle East: Why the Deal of the Century Will Fail

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Some are being misled to believe that the soon-to-be-announced Deal of the Century is a US-sponsored peace initiative aimed at resolving the so-called Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

However, such a perception is erroneous, not only because the US is not interested in achieving a just peace in the region, but because the US plot is much closer to its previous regional hegemonic initiatives than to the defunct ‘peace process’.

The Palestine-Israel component of the initiative is clearly designed to fail. For example, details leaked to Israel Hayom newspaper that the ‘Deal of the Century’ proposes the establishment of a ‘New Palestine’ in the West Bank and Gaza, while Israel annexes all illegal settlement, is a non-starter.

If the Palestinian Authority (PA) refuses to sign the deal, according to the report, the US is set to cancel all financial support received by the Palestinians. If the PA accepts the deal, but Hamas and the Islamic Jihad reject it, the leaders of the groups will be targeted by Israel with the backing of the US.

The reality is that this is utterly reprehensible. Israeli killings of Palestinian leaders in the past have always received the total support of Washington, and cutting off money to the PA has been in motion for months.

But these unrealistic terms are only a distraction from the much larger and more consequential arrangement underway in the Middle East as a whole.

The Deal of the Century is not a peace plan, nor was it ever intended to be. It is a last-ditch American effort, aimed at maintaining its hegemony in the Middle East. It is a massive, colonial undertaking that is driven by the same misguided notion that for the US to maintain a semblance of relevance, let alone leadership in the region, Israel must remain the regional hegemon, and Iran must be contained and eventually, totally subdued.

But more importantly, it is a regional plot that aims at refashioning a new Arab leadership that operates based on an entirely different agenda. If the Deal of the Century is to succeed, Iran will become the new common enemy facing both Arab regimes and Israel. The centre of Arab power would continue to shift eastward, and Saudi Arabia,........

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