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Is the Kiram Family claim on Sabah new colonialism?

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European legal and financial instruments and institutions should not be manipulated to violate the sovereignty of Malaysia from behind the fig leaf of a spurious claim to Malaysian territory by the so-called Sultan of Sulu, Sultan Jamalul Kiram II.

While the claim is lacking in historical, legal and political veracity, as well as being thoroughly expedient, its absurdity is underscored by Kiram's demand of an estimated RM66.4 billion for "unpaid yearly leases" from Malaysia, after an annual payment of RM5,300 was stopped less than 10 years ago. Exactly how 10 years of RM5,300 amounted to RM66.4 billion is unclear. It smacks, nonetheless, of attempts by the Kiram family and its backers, Therium Capital Management Ltd., to get a quick pay day. Besides trying for a quick pay day, the Sultan's claim has also paved open a way for European colonial intervention in Malaysia, through processes that should have become redundant when the European empires around the world collapsed.

Malaysia is a sovereign and independent country, in which private European legal corporations have no jurisdiction. A line has to be drawn under the Kiram family's spurious claim to Sabah. The claim is invalid, as there never was a time when Sabah was not an integral part of independent Malaysia. It was, also, never the property of a single family. To claim this is just absurd, and potentially disastrous. In fact, Britain, as the last colonial power in Malaysia, should carry much of the burden and political responsibility for the disaster it left behind when the British left Malaya.

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As for the claims of financial compensation by the Kiram family, it has to be exposed for what it is: a claim based purely on greed........

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