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With the ‘taboo’ lifted on the Israel lobby, now it’s time to register AIPAC a foreign agent 

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Since US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar stirred controversy with tweets about the power of the US’ Israel lobby, a flood of articles has followed exposing not only the hypocrisy of those attacking her, but lending support to claims made by the Minnesota representative about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

“There Is a Taboo Against Criticizing AIPAC — and Ilhan Omar Just Destroyed It,” wrote UK journalist Mehdi Hasan in an article for the Intercept. The Al Jazeera journalist listed several famous instances in which AIPAC had exercised power and influence over US politics, including its bragging about cutting a $3 billion deal to secure aid for Israel and defeating political candidates that fall out of favour with the Israel lobby in re-election bids.

Exposing the hypocrisy among Washington’s media and political class, Hasan recounted how the New York Times’ Tom Friedman – a long-standing advocate for Israel in the US media – once described the standing ovations (26 altogether during a 39-minute speech) received by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby”.

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The Guardian revealed that pro-Israel lobby funding had in fact influenced the way Omar’s Democrat colleagues responded to her accusations. The UK daily found that House Democratic leaders who drafted a resolution aimed at condemning Omar’s remarks received millions of dollars from the pro-Israel lobby throughout their congressional careers. By contrast, those that defended her took little or no money from the lobby. In a separate investigation, the Guardian found that pro-Israel donors spent over $22 million on lobbying and contributions in 2018 alone.

Having broken the “taboo,” the debate over the power of the Israel lobby in Washington has shown no sign of slowing. A recent report by Grant F. Smith – author of the book “Big Israel: How Israel’s........

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