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The fact that Peter Beinart ‘no longer believes in a Jewish State’ tells us a lot

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The irreconcilable tension within Zionism has been laid bare once again by prominent columnist and commentator Peter Beinart. For a number of years, the 49-year-old has had the status of America’s pre-eminent liberal Zionist intellectual. His trenchant essays and books buttressed the hope of liberal Jews in the possibility of rescuing the Zionist State of Israel from its very illiberal instincts.

Though Israel’s decades-long takeover of Palestine has been a constant source of shame and a test of faith, liberal Zionists, exhibiting clear signs of cognitive dissonance, still back the ethnic state. They hold to the possibility of, at the very least, an eventual two-state solution. Israel’s continued and proposed land theft makes such a prospect unlikely ever to materialise, however.

“I no longer believe in a Jewish State,” declared Beinart in a New York Times article. “For decades I argued for separation between Israelis and Palestinians. Now, I can imagine a Jewish home in an equal state.”

Renouncing his previous convictions, his conversion was no doubt caused by the overwhelming burden of holding on desperately to a liberal vision of Israel while watching simultaneously as it speeds down a path towards Judeo-fascism, with its elected leaders displaying the kinds of racism that any white-supremacist would be proud of.

Let’s ’embrace’ Israeli annexation and work towards a single democratic state

Like so many liberal Jews, it seems that Beinart was willing to give Israel the benefit of the doubt; understandable, some would say, given the tragic history of Jews in Europe. “I believed in Israel as a Jewish state because I grew up in a family that had hopscotched from continent to continent as diaspora Jewish communities crumbled,” he explained. Hence, Israel was always a “source of comfort” to his family and millions of other Jews.

Beinart has written extensively about “the crises of........

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