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Guardian columnist peddles fake news to accuse Corbyn of anti-Semitism

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Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian has successfully constructed an image for himself as a vanguard of truth. The newspaper columnist’s most recent novel, To Kill the Truth, published under the pseudonym Sam Bourne, attests to the anxieties he suffers over the proliferation of fake news and the erasure of history. He has also used his influential position at the Guardian to highlight the dangers of normalising lies, which Freedland warns has become a feature of politics through the use of gentle terms like “post-truth politics”.

Don’t call it post-truth. There’s a simpler word: lies was the headline of one of his many articles warning against the rise of fake news. In the piece, Freedland asks, “How has this happened so quickly?” before deigning to offer his readers the answer. “Once people have aligned themselves with a tribe, studies show their first instinct will be to believe what favours their side and disbelieve what favours their opponent.”

Freedland’s assessment of the proliferation of fake news and why people are susceptible to it cannot be faulted. In fact, one could say he knows the subject better than most and is fully aware of the political and economic structures of modern societies that generate dangerous and polarising levels of tribalism. However, as is the case with many liberal commentators who support the state of Israel, he has of late begun to demonstrate the same tribal mentality he decries in others.

It’s no secret that Freedland, who has justified the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, is a strong critic of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Given the frequency of his snipes against Corbyn in the Guardian and the Jewish Chronicle,........

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