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Do the Palestinians not have the right to defend themselves?

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Seventy-three years have passed since the Palestinian Nakba, the date when the self-proclaimed Zionist state of Israel declared its "independence". The declaration followed massacres of Palestinians committed by "Jewish terrorist" gangs and the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 of those who survived.

No exact number of the victims of such massacres is possible because the world did not care enough to keep a record. Instead, recognition and care were lavished on the nascent rogue state. We do know, however, that more than 550 Palestinian towns and villages have since been wiped off the face of the earth by Israel to make way for Jews. The ethnic cleansing continues to this day.

All of this happened in front of the world's media and politicians, most of whom support the racist oppressor state of Israel rather than those whom it oppresses, the Palestinians. No serious action to curb, let alone stop, Israel's aggressive colonialism and violations against the Palestinians has ever been taken by the international community. Humanitarian rhetoric and meaningless condemnations are the best that the Palestinians have seen and heard.

Nakba Day 1948 – Cartoon [Carlos Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

Nakba Day 1948 – Cartoon [Carlos Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

This year's Nakba anniversary coincides with an ongoing brutal Israeli offensive across all of occupied Palestine: the land occupied in 1948 — Israel — as well as the territories occupied in 1967 which consist of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

In Israel itself, the Palestinians are being subject to racist attack by far-right groups such as Lehava and La Familia, which are being backed and protected by the Israeli police. Several Palestinian citizens of the state have been killed and dozens have been wounded. What was their "crime"? They took to the streets in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, who are being threatened with forced displacement and their homes being handed over to illegal Jewish settlers.

In the occupied West Bank, the Israeli occupation forces have cracked down with excessive violence on protesters on the streets in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza, who are once again facing the might of the Israeli army, air force and navy in yet another brutal offensive. Official Palestinian sources put the West Bank death toll........

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