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On US imperialism, Israel is more attack dog than client state

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One particularly frank imperialist described the logic of the hoped-for British patronage of the Zionist movement, as the empire stood on the brink of occupying Palestine in 1917. This movement would ultimately go onto wipe Palestine off the map in order to establish Israel on the ruins of the indigenous people in 1948.

Ronald Storrs, an early military governor of Jerusalem, later wrote in his memoir that it was desirable to have “a little loyal Jewish Ulster in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism”. In other words, the future “Jewish state,” it was hoped, would serve as yet another British imperial client – a sectarian entity useful in pursuing British elites’ interests overseas.

Storrs’ reference to Ulster was apropos.

The occupied north of Ireland was gouged out by the British Empire in 1920 from the rest of the country, as part of a deal with a faction of the Republican movement which founded the modern state of Ireland. The loyalist statelet of Northern Ireland was thus established, leading to decades of violent conflict and injustice directed against the Irish people.

“Northern Ireland” was gerrymandered specifically by the British Empire in order to engineer a Protestant majority. Although the majority of Irish people were Catholics, many Protestants took part in the liberation movement to free Ireland from British domination – even in high positions of leadership. To oppose this, the British Empire used deliberately sectarian tactics – using religious differences as a tool to divide and rule.

It was a........

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