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Forget Danny Danon’s spin at the UN, Israel has neither the legal nor the moral high ground

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In the wake of the UN General Assembly rejection of the US-drafted resolution condemning the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement and some of the other Palestinian factions, the Israeli Ambassador to the UN resorted to the usual lies and propaganda about Hamas and resistance to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

“There is no difference between Hamas, Al-Qaida and Boko Haram,” claimed Danny Danon as he described acts of legitimate resistance to Israel’s military occupation as “acts of evil”. He even sought the moral high ground by claiming that Israel is always thinking of the Palestinians and the better life that they deserve. Of course, Danon and other Israeli officials know very well that there is a vast difference between Hamas and the groups he cited; and a huge difference between legitimate Palestinian resistance and “acts of evil”.

For a start, unlike Al-Qaeda, Hamas is a genuine Palestinian resistance movement from within the Palestinian people themselves; it does not recruit non-Palestinians. Its founders and members are Palestinians who were driven from their homes by the Israelis. All lost loved ones during the ethnic cleansing of their land, and their struggle is to exercise their right to return to their land as enshrined in international law.

Furthermore, Boko Haram is a movement steeped in apparently random violence which ignores international law and pays no heed to agreements and democracy. Hamas, first and foremost, seeks the betterment of Palestinian society which has been under occupation since 1948. Its social and education work was initially encouraged by Israel as a counterweight to the secular Fatah-run Palestine Liberation Organisation.

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The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement has, as its name suggests, always maintained its right to resist the Israeli occupation of Palestine, especially in the West Bank and Gaza Strip which has been occupied by Israel since 1967. It gave the Oslo Accords a chance to prove their worth but in the light of the Israelis continuing to expand their colonial-settlements in the occupied territories, and the ongoing Judaisation of Jerusalem, Hamas and Islamic Jihad resorted to suicide attacks.

The Oslo-created Palestinian Authority dominated by Fatah cracked down on the resistance groups. Nevertheless, Hamas and the........

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