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Qatar is besieging, not besieged

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It has been two years since the four countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt, imposed their siege on Qatar. Two years later, the besieged came out stronger and more powerful, while the besiegers remained trapped even deeper in a quagmire they thought they had set as a trap for their Gulf neighbour. The recent past indicates that Qatar has always been the annoying neighbour to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as it refuses to be a follower. This is the essence of the conflict that regularly surfaced from time to time, showing the fragility of the relationships between the various Arab regimes, including the Gulf governments, some of which believed were more resilient than others.

Qatar was the first country to reject the “Gulf Initiative” supposedly proposed by the GCC states to save its ally Ali Abdullah Saleh from the grips of the Yemeni people after the popular revolution in 2011. Those who kept up with the matter would remember how Saudi Arabia focused its “electronic flies”, although this term was not yet coined at the time, to undermine and diminish Qatar. They launched one hashtag after another, accusing Qatar of singing a different tune to the Gulf.

Hence, Qatar did not want to be a dependent or follower of one country or another.........

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