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Trump’s rogue leadership has declared war on international law

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If America’s standing as the “leader of the free world” has been on shaky ground following its disastrous wars post-9/11, US President Donald Trump has ensured that whatever little credibility it may still have among its European allies and the UN is shattered. His messy and bloody military adventure in Libya via the CIA-trained proxy General Khalifa Haftar is reflective of his administration’s growing alienation from international conventions.

Trump’s decision to finance and equip Haftar with sophisticated weaponry, including fighter jets, has met with fierce resistance from the UN-recognised government in Tripoli. Even though the bloody military coup attempt to install Haftar has failed thus far, the ongoing bloodletting is further indication that Trump will pursue his regime-change agenda defiantly, regardless of the innocent lives being lost.

OPINION: Haftar has clearly been given the green light to conquer Tripoli

Lose-lose policies have characterised Trump since he entered the White House, and if the electoral strength of his right-wing, white supremacist supporters persists, his second term may turn out to be even worse. America’s leadership will remain firmly stuck in the hands of neocons operating in cahoots with Israel’s equally racist colonialists.

"Over the last 10 years, 70 per cent of the terrorist-related deaths in this country have been at the hands of right-wing extremists. Last year…every single one of the 50 terrorist deaths…came at the hands of white nationalists."
– me on @MSNBC today:pic.twitter.com/LwvxAyBSrN

— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) April 28, 2019

So-called Trumpism has outstripped Machiavellism. Moreover, unlike the false sophistry of previous US administrations, particularly those of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Trump’s buffoonery is blatantly associated with visible layers of arrogance, deceit, corruption and disdain.

His illegal intervention in Venezuela is further evidence of rampant power gone astray. If such behaviour is to be expected of a hoodlum, then that is what Trump’s gung-ho meddling in the affairs of other nations defines him as.

Elliot Abrams (a convicted criminal who is now........

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