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The assassination of Palestinian memory: Another tool of ethnic cleansing

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While Israel was celebrating its independence day earlier this week, I heard two anecdotes.

One story was related to me by Jerusalemite friends working in Israeli institutions, who told me about their discomfort during Yom HaZikaron–the day of remembrance honoring Israeli soldiers who have fallen and honoring other Israelis who have died due to “terrorism.” On that day in Israel, a siren is sounded across the country and all persons are expected to stop whatever they are doing – including driving an automobile – to demonstrate through two minutes of silence their remembrance and respect for the dead. One friend said that her Israeli boss had told her either to stand up in respect while the siren was heard, or not to come to work at all that day. Another friend said that she went to the workers’restroom at that moment, where she found twelve other Palestinian women. All of them were evading the imposition of honoring the very people who have been persecuting us since the earliest origin of the idea to establish the state of Israel on our homeland.

A second anecdote took place at an Israeli college in Jerusalem, where Palestinian Jerusalemites, Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, and Israeli Jews all study. Here a wall board was installed as a memorial dedicated to fallen Israeli soldiers, so that students could write the name of “their loved ones and light candle in their memory,” as the college student union explains. The memorial wall was then found one day with candles extinguished and “Ramadan Kareem” written on the memorial wall board itself. Police and right-wing political parties then became involved in the matter. One Jerusalemite girl was accused of having carried out this “vandalizing” and six others were accused of supporting........

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