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What fate awaits Lebanon?

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Lebanon's Saad Hariri has finally apologised for only forming the government nine months after President Michel Aoun tasked him with this mission. However, Aoun rejected the ministers proposed by Hariri, especially when it came to selecting Christians, which the president regards as his speciality.

Aoun also wants to keep a third at his disposal, or to be more accurate, under the control of Hezbollah, which Aoun represents and obeys, not least because the party placed him in power. That is why Aoun cannot do anything but follow the movement's orders.

Nine months of manoeuvres by Hariri and Aoun — the latter backed by his son-in-law Gebran Bassil, who controls the country from the shadows — have been less than helpful while Lebanon is bleeding due to the unprecedented economic crisis. The value of the currency has plummeted and fuel is in short supply, resulting in car drivers having to queue for hours at petrol stations and people waiting in long lines for a loaf of bread.

In short, Lebanon has more or less collapsed, for which all branches of government must take responsibility. Unfortunately, no Lebanese official has ever shown any willingness to consider their own actions and admit their errors, despite the gravity of the situation.

Lebanon does not have a president ready to assess his actions after serving........

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