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Did they really kill him?

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It has often been said that President Mohamed Morsi did not die a natural death, as many insisted that he was killed. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned the way Morsi died, and said that he would raise the issue during the G20 summit. The German Foreign Ministry and several human rights organisations have called for a neutral international investigation into the real cause of the former Egyptian President’s death, proving that he did not die as a result of medical negligence, as many say, although Morsi was actually neglected deliberately.

But what prompted them to doubt the circumstances of his death?

There are many uncertainties and facts that may raise doubts:

First, the date of that trial session was not mentioned on the court’s agenda in order to consider that invalid case on that specific day, but it was hastily scheduled, even though the Ministry of Interior had written to the Ministry of Justice a few days before demanding trials to be adjourned until the end of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, organised by Egypt, due to the Ministry’s inability to ensure the prisoners’ transportation while safeguarding football games. Not to mention the significant security efforts needed to secure a political personality as prominent as President Mohamed Morsi.

Second, there was an unusual presence of police forces in the streets of Cairo that day.

Third, because President Morsi had previously indicated that they intended to end his life, as the prison authorities denied him diabetes’ medication, taking into consideration that having irregular doses of the medicine can lead someone to slip into a coma and die if he does not receive immediate medical attention.

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Fourth, when Morsi fell unconscious on the cage floor, it took the doctor an hour to come, and ironically he was an ophthalmologist.

Fifth, the speed and method of announcing Morsi’s death by official Egyptian media, indicating that he died as a result of a heart attack. However, President Morsi has never suffered from heart disease.

Finally, Morsi’s death came three days before the opening of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, which cannot be a coincidence as it was intended to distract Egyptians, who will be preoccupied with the games and quickly forget the news of the former President’s death.

All these facts raise suspicions, especially as some say that there are types of toxins which can slowly shut down organs and determine the exact hour of the body’s total collapse. That is why they rushed to schedule that court session as they wanted him to die in public and not in his cell, in order to avoid being accused of murdering him.

They played tricks but Allah countered their wrong doings. They wanted to humiliate him, but Allah lifted him up and honoured him while he faced death. He died standing as tall as a tree.

We will not lament him, as lamentation is for the dead. However, we are mourning ourselves as, although we are physically alive, we are the ones who have been taken by death. Dr. Mohamed Morsi is not dead,........

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