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Hamas and Morsi’s death

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Hamas is fated to suffer every now and then from the dictatorship of geography that links it to its southern neighbour, Egypt. This forces means it pays the price dearly for every event or incident occurring in Egypt, good or bad.

Hamas expressed its joy at the victory of President Mohamed Morsi in the presidential elections in June 2012. The Hamas leaders in Gaza hung up his pictures, members handed out sweets, and its writers wrote articles praising and welcoming him, describing his election as a major victory for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas’ welcome of Morsi’s victory did not stop at statements and congratulations. It was followed by Hamas officials visiting the presidential palace in Cairo and continuing to deal with the president as a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood only, not as the president of the entire Egyptian nation. This put heavy burdens on the president and his government and ministerial staff.

Within less than a year, Hamas was dealt a harsh blow in the form of the coup against Morsi and his overthrow in June 2013. This was followed by Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s rise to power. The movement had an emotional and impulsive reaction to this given its association with the Muslim Brotherhood, and it attacked the Egyptian military, held up Morsi’s pictures, condemned the coup, and considered it a stab in the back of the democratic path that began with the January 25th Revolution in 2011.

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Hamas paid the price for this position and its tax was expensive. The new leadership in Cairo closed the Rafah crossing, banned Palestinians from leaving the Gaza Strip, declared Hamas a terrorist movement, and issued various accusations and allegations without evidence against its leaders in every court.

Now, in June 2019, six years after Hamas’ tense relationship with Egypt, President Mohamed Morsi passed away while in custody, which has weighed heavily on the movement regarding how it should deal with such a major event. This is especially given the fact that it is still paying the price for past positions regarding Egypt. Today, it does not have much luxury in regional relationships, which is what caused it to issue a statement expressing its condolences hours after Morsi’s death, for logical reasons.

One can view Hamas’ position on the death of President Morsi on two levels: the official and popular levels. Hamas cannot absolve itself in the eyes of Cairo from the consequences of any........

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