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Mohammed Morsi was murdered by US imperialism

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Egypt’s only elected President, Mohammed Morsi, is dead.

He died in court, apparently of a heart attack. But the reality is that the Egyptian dictatorship murdered him, and thus by US imperialism.

He had been denied much-needed medical treatment by the military regime. His supporters called the death “full-fledged murder.”

Second, only to Israel, the Egyptian military regime has long been a key US client in the Middle East. To keep the Arab world divided the imperial hegemony maintains a series of corrupt, violent and, in the case of Israel, racist apartheid regimes propped up.

In all cases, these regimes are maintained against the wishes of the vast majority of the peoples of the region. Brutal absolute monarchies, military dictatorships and corrupt minor emirates – all play their part in propping up the US’s “new world order” that George H. W. Bush said he wanted to forge after the downfall of the Soviet Union.

More than ever in recent years, Israel has been openly in bed with the corrupt, violent dictatorships that rule the Arab countries around the Persian Gulf with an iron fist.

As the only remaining Superpower, the US has only increased its military oppression all around the world since then.

Since the downfall of Pan-Arab leader Gamal Abdul Nasser, the Egyptian military regime has long played a vital role in the US world system.

What happened in 2011, when the masses of the Egyptian people arose to overthrow their dictator Hosni Mubarak was a massive challenge to the US imperial order.

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